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The number of consultations about child abuse has been increasing every year since statistics were taken. (In FY2018, the number was approximately 13.7 times the figure recorded in FY1999.)
There are children that suffer from abuse or breakdown of the family and have no other means but to run away or rely on the sex industry or gangster groups to make a living.
There are currently more than 40,000 children in Japan with foreign origin that require Japanese language training. Amongst them there are many that get caught in a downward spiral such as inability to speak Japanese leading to abuse, breakup of the family and juvenile delinquency.
Organizations in this category work to save the lives of such children and help them find a way to live on their own safely.

Source:Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare "Measures Taken for Child Abuse – Current Problems and Future Perspectives" (FY2012)

Source:Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Survey on Acceptance of Students Who Require Japanese Language Education" (FY2018)

Organizations that "Support the living"

  • Carillon Children Center
  • Wakakusa Project

Organizations that "Support the living"

Carillon Children Center

"It's okay. Let's work this out together. You are not alone. You are a precious being." Carillon Children Center operates "Shelter for children" and "Home to support becoming self-sufficient", etc. for teenage children that have no safe place to go due family problems such as child abuse. We are tackling problems such children face together with each individual child by forming a scrum of collaboration between our staffs, lawyers that are appointed for each child as well as relevant institutions such as the Child Consultation Center.

[Use of donations]
The donation received will be used as funds to operate "Carillon House" which is a day care center for children to receive care, learn and have fun.

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Wakakusa Project

There are girls and young women that suffer and find difficulties in continuing with their lives as a result of various social problems such as poverty, abuse, neglect, domestic violence, bullying, sexual exploitations, drug addiction and postpartum depression. Wakakusa Project focuses on such girls and young women that are in need of help. In order to ensure they are connected to supporters and receive considerate care, it acts to "Connect" (direct support such as operation of the Wakakusa House and offering consultation on LINE as well as activities to connect supporting organizations to corporations), "Learn" (organizing seminar series, etc.) and "Spread" (organizing symposiums, etc.).

[Use of donations]
The donation received will be used as funds to operate Wakakusa House, which is a temporary shelter for girls that cannot stay at home due to problems such as domestic violence or abuse.

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