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Based on the concept to ""Invest for the future by supporting the children now", Birthday Donation will continue to make donations this year based on the same theme to "Support the children that are facing difficulties". We have also added a new category to "Support the supporters" in order to support families and siblings of these children.
The spread of the Corona virus has affected the lives of those that were already in a weak position such as children facing difficulties. They are now put under an even more severe situation.
We wish to highlight and support the activities of organizations that are helping and delivering glimmers of hope to these children (hereinafter referred to as "categories"), with the hope that through such support, these children will eventually grow to become good citizens that respect lives and care for others to lead the next generation.

In order to make a donation, you will be asked to choose a category to donate to rather than a specific organization. There are several organizations preselected for each category. Donations made to a category will be divided on a pro rata basis to organizations within the category. (Click here for Flow of funds.)

I want to choose a category to donate to.

For credit card payment or bank transfer, please select a category to donate to and click the "Make a donation" button at the bottom of the chosen category page.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I donate before (or after) my birthday?
Yes you can. Nevertheless, please register your birthday through the Registration Form for Birthday Mail. We will send you a "Happy Birthday" message.
How do you decide the organizations to donate to within respective categories?
We have a screening board that screens and selects organizations.
Will the categories be the same every year?
We plan to make changes as need be based on social situations at the time.
Can I make a donation without choosing a category?
Yes, you can. Please click here to make a donation.