What is Birthday Donation?

In promoting Birthday Donation..

We have launched this site for Birthday Donation in order to "Invest for the future by supporting the children now".

In comparison to the past, donation has become something that is much more familiar and normal as a result of evolution of IT technology opening means such as crowdfunding. Nevertheless, for many Japanese, charity remains to be something "the government should do" making them rather cautious in donating themselves.
However, considering the fiscal state of the country that will face decrease in tax revenue from demographic changes such as decreasing birthrate and aging population, it is now critical that we breakaway from overdependence on the government and increase contribution from the private sector especially donations from individuals to solve various social problems.
We are also witnessing overemphasis on the economy going too far as to mean "economy matters more than peoples' lives", causing various strains on the society.
It now seems vital that we, as individuals, reconsider the value of our lives and make efforts to hand over to the next generation a warm and caring society.
I believe that Japanese people inherently have in their nature "Sokuin no Jo" (the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it). Japanese have also held awe towards nature and have cherished life.
That is why I wanted to create a custom for everyone to think about and be grateful for one's life and to express that in the form of donation on their birthdays, the very day they had been given their lives.
Increased use of social networking sites and the number of birthday messages being shared everyday has also been an encouraging factor.
Moreover, as we embrace the 100-year life span, I wanted the adults that have accumulated so much experience and deep thoughts through their lives to think about the young people that would be leading the next generation. I want them to demonstrate their willingness to support the growth and lives of such young people in the form of "Birthday Donations".
What we are supporting are the children that will be leading the next generation. I would like to shed their future with a light of hope by understanding the problems they face and by supporting them now. And I hope that thereafter they will pass on the torch of support to the next generation themselves.
Wishing that such dream would come true, I wish to encourage more people to become "cool adults", using their birthdays in a noble way.

Think about life and think of others.. and share such feeling in the form of donation…
Let's thank for our birth and make a donation!

Let's try to become "cool adults" together!

Yoko Takahashi
Japan Philanthropic Association

How the system works / Flow of funds


*You can receive tax merits for the donation made to JPA. Click here for details>



If you want a receipt for the donation to be issued, please select "request receipt" on the donation settlement page. The receipt will be issued by Japan Philanthropic Association for the total amount donated. Please submit this receipt together with your tax return for the year.
We will be sending one receipt for the total amount donated during the full year (1st January to 31st December) in early January of the following year. Please contact us if you were to require a receipt for each donation made during the year.
The issue date of the receipt will be end of December.

Japan Philanthropic Association, the operating entity

We at Japan Philanthropic Association believe that the first step to building a healthy democracy is for each individual, as an irreplaceable member of the society, to take proactive part in solving social issues and to contribute to the society by supporting and helping each other. We promote the learning and act of philanthropy by corporations, their staffs and clients as well as individuals such as young people. We also act as coordinators for the government, corporations and nonprofit organizations to collaborate with each other.