Let's thank for our birth and make a donation!

誕生日寄付 Birthday Donation

Birthday is a special day to thank for your birth.
Many of you must be receiving celebrations from friends or families.
Why not send a message of support to someone on this special day?
We decided to call it Birthday Donation, to make a donation for someone on your birthdays.
Of course it does not have to be only birthdays.
You are free to choose any other day of the year as your donation day.
Any day that means something to you such as your wedding anniversary.
You can turn your birthday or anniversary into a special day for someone else.
Why not turn all the celebratory messages you receive into a message of support to someone?
Such a gesture shall make your special day even more joyful and happy.


There is now a new column on our website by Architect Tadao Ando, “There is no future without children that learn to think on their own”.
There is now a new column on our website by Producer Rieko Zanma, “The renowned producer was a master of socializing the ‘living’”.
We have uploaded reports from the organizations that received Birthday Donations. Please also check out their video messages thanking for the donations.

When is your birthday?


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

I made my first donation last year. Amidst COVID, I am able to celebrate another birthday this year. I am hapy to be able to participate in Birthday Donation this year as well. May the world be a place filled with love where people are grateful for even small things.
30th Jan. Kyoko Kurihara

My family became unemployed as a result of COVID last year. It was tough times and at one point I wondered what was going to happen. I am relieved that this year I have resumed the mental capacity to make this donation! It will be my pleasure if it can be put to good use.
25th Jan. Mayumi Noguchi

As an occupational therapist and a mother of 3 children, I am a supporter!
30th Jan. Kyoko Kurihara

I pray that there is a moment for everyone to feel happy about being born at some point in their lives.
25th Jan. Naoko Yamazaki

It made me feel that I should be doing my best as well. Thank you!
(Hearing of the activities of the “Support the supporters” organization at the Birthday Donation mini seminar that took place on 22nd January.)
23rd Jan. Kensuke Wasa

I am also a victim of sexual abuse. However, there are many good things that happened to me in my life as a result of me living to date. I pray that the pain of the harsh reality eases little by little and that you find a lot of hope after living through this.
7th Jan. Anonymous

I found out about this Birthday Donation from a newspaper article. As I was starting to feel disappointed about the fact that birthdays were becoming a less happy event as I grew older every year, I looked into it immediately, thinking this is it! I also thought it may be fate that my birthday was coming up next month and decided to make a donation. The amount is small as I just started a second job as my salary was reduced due to COVID. However, I thought it was important to act first… I hope it can be of some help.
25th Jan. Mayumi Noguchi

I believe people behind the person receiving support such as siblings of a child with difficulty must be putting up with many things. Please support them with care.
2nd Jan. Anonymous

I feel that it is the responsibility of us grown-ups that there are children that are suffering at this very moment. I am sorry that my donation is so small.
11th Jan. Anonymous

Please continue to be a person with wisdom, a power to act and a spirit of never giving up. Flourish your unique personality so that you can survive the big wave of changes during 2020. Let’s fly out to the world where Japanese women are popular. I am wishing your success!
16th Jan. Anonymous

Don’t be embarrassed.
It is not your fault.
You are doing your best.
Don’t be afraid to talk to someone.
9th Jan. Anonymous

Thank you for connecting me to Japan 😊.
29th Jan. Anonymous

I am a school teacher. I see how tough it is for children that are not native Japanese speakers to catch up with the school work in Japan. I hope my donation will be of some support to all their efforts.
27th Jan. Anonymous

Let’s build the New Japan together!
25th Jan. Anonymous

It is small but it is my birthday. Wishing this will be of help for someone’s life..
25th Jan. Anonymous

Today is my 42nd birthday. I would like to make this small donation to express my feeling of gratitude. It will be my pleasure if it can be put to some use. Wishing all the girls happiness..
25th Jan. Anonymous

Wishing you good luck!
25th January – the date this site started happened to be my birthday!
25th Jan. Anonymous

When I was young, the day following my birthday was always a public holiday as it was “Adult’s Day”. As it was a holiday, I used to get together with my friends that were born in January to celebrate and drink. However, somewhere down the line, the Adult’s Day was fixed to fall on Mondays, and I am no longer young enough to drink that much. I think from now on, I will pretend I drank and donate instead.
Sakiko Kasegawa

My birthday is Daikan (the first day of the coldest season). When I was a child, I used to find warmth in the fact that it was my birthday even when it was freezing cold. Now that I have grown up, I would like to share that warmth with someone else in need. That is how I want to be when I make my Birthday Donations.
Makoto Ohnishi


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

May people be happy or be able to keep their spirits to be happy about the fact they are living. May people nurture healthy spirit with small happiness. May this world become a comfortable and heartful one where people care about others and are forgiving. May that become a salvation for those living with pain and for those that support such people. Although very small, I support your work from the bottom of my heart.
12th Feb. Anonymous

I am a supporter of those that provide places for children to go back to safely when they are in trouble. Having a safe place to belong to or go back to is critical for them to proactively engage with the society!
7th Feb. Tomoyuki Nakayama

I myself am on the supporting end but am always grateful for those that support the people that are often missed from our support. Thank you for offering your warm hand of support to the people we have not been able to reach out enough to. Although it is small, I wish to make my birthday donation.
27th Feb. Anonymous

I have lived my life till today with the support of many people. Thank you to everyone. With your support, may there be more children that can feel grateful on their birthdays rather than the children that gets their birthdays celebrated.
7th Feb. Tomoyuki Nakayama

I also experienced some tough times.
Let us work all together to make our lives a better one.
28th Feb. Anonymous

Let’s continue to play together and work together in Japan so that we can jointly create a unique culture that do not exist in the world!
23rd Feb. Anonymous

By way of making this donation, I am hoping that the girls will know that there are people on their side.
16th Feb. Anonymous

Let’s be true to ourselves in living our own lives. Wishing that the world becomes an easier place to live..
18th Feb. Anonymous

“To learn is to live.” Best wishes to everyone!
10th Feb. Anonymous

Today is my birthday. And this year, I am carrying a child in me. In making this donation, I wish to thank my parents for bringing me into this world and to express my desire to live the rest of my life caring about this child.
9th Feb. Anonymous

May the world become a place where every child can live safely and happily.
We must rescue children from abuse and create a society where they are protected and looked after.
5th Feb. Anonymous

There was a midwife that helped my mother give birth to me early in the morning on a snowy spring day. She was the first person in this world to hold me and to save my life by slapping my purple body to let my first cry out.. I wish I could thank her for being able to live for more than 50 years without trouble but sadly she is no longer here. When I heard about this Birthday Donation, I thought this was it! All the words of gratitude I can no longer convey, I wish to pass over to people that have future before them in the form of donation. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
4th Feb. Anonymous

“Happy Birthday to me!” Wishing that the world becomes a place where anyone that wishes to learn is given the opportunity to learn..
2nd Feb. Anonymous

As I could no longer be so happy about my birthday, this Birthday Donation seemed to be a perfect opportunity to switch the perspective to make it a day to make someone else happy. Thanks to this, my birthday has become a “good day” for me as well.
Rieko Miyoda


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

I have been raising my own child who have suffered from my control before I realized it. I have finally come to understand the feelings of my child a bit and am now starting to stand by her (his) side. I have decided to start over again with my child raising, remembering how happy I felt when my child was born.
Wishing that this be of some help and that the day will come for children when they can feel full of hope about their lives.
26th Mar. Mitsuyo Matsumoto

Although it is only once a year, please accept my donation.
26th Mar. Anonymous

Although very small, it will give me pleasure if it can be put to some good use.
I thought it was a wonderful idea to be able to donate on your birthday for someone else.
I truly hope that children facing difficulties can move even a bit to a better direction.
2nd Mar. Anonymous

I truly hope that you can feel happy that you were born into this world…
There is always someone there to help you. You are not alone.
2nd Mar. Anonymous

I turn 40 this year in 2019. In the US, it is the Big 40. In Japan, it is my second Adult’s day. I am finally joining the “real grown-up” group. Making a donation on my birthday every year may be a new form of gift to my new self as a grown-up.
Kyoko Shinohara

It will be nice if we can make our society a place where children are raised by everyone regardless of their nationality or blood.
5th Mar. Anonymous

However small it may be, I am happy that I can be of help to anyone in need on my birthday.
2nd Mar. Anonymous

To any of you that may be having a very difficult time at the moment – there is always someone watching and reaching out for you. Wishing that you will not give up and will find the person that can truly help you.. I am also on your side.
2nd Mar. Anonymous

As I have based my work in the Philippines for over 25 years, I spend most of my birthdays in the Philippines on 20th March. In Philippines, birthday is not a day for you to be celebrated but is a day for you to be thankful for the fact that you are able to celebrate your birthday. As such, the custom is for you to treat your family, friends and people at work with a meal.
People thank for all the years they lived, being supported and looked after by many people.
I think it is a wonderful thing that such feeling of gratitude reaches many other people in the form of donation.
I will definitely start Birthday Donation as my new way of demonstrating gratitude.
Hajime Yokota


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

I am a supporter for those that provide places to study and belong to for the children that cannot do anything about their situation so that they can move forward with hope for the future.
22th Apr. Anonymous

I found out about this initiative about half a year ago and was determined to start on my next birthday. I pray from the bottom of my heart that children are able to live with a smile.
22nd Apr. Anonymous

I was able to reach the age of 40 peacefully. Although the amount is small, it will be my pleasure if it can be put to good use.
17th Apr. Anonymous

I imagine that they are struggling with numerous inconvenience and uncertainty. Although very small, it will be my pleasure if it can be of some help in taking a step forward.
12th Apr. Anonymous

I decided with my son to make this donation on his 7th birthday in February. My son says that he gets energy from his warm futon every day. I hope that you can provide energy to children of his age in the same way his futon does to him.
7th Apr. Hiroko Kurayoshi

Let us expand the society where children can live with hope!
I am a supporter!
22nd Apr. Anonymous

I am a supporter!
Study and learn a lot and find your unique self ^_^
You can do it (^^)
21st Apr. Anonymous

I am a supporter!
Let’s create the future together!
21st Apr. Anonymous

I found out about the “Wakakusa Project” from Ms. Manaho Seo’s book.
Amidst the confusion caused by COVID 19, I suddenly remembered this and thought I should do what I can. I am a supporter.
9th Apr. Anonymous

As it is my birthday, I am making this donation. I hope it can be of some small help.
2nd Apr. Anonymous

Thank you for creating this opportunity on my birthday. It will be my pleasure if my small donation can be put to use.
16th Apr. Anonymous

As today, 2nd April, is my birthday, I will make a donation!
2nd Apr. Anonymous

My name is “Silver Villa Koyama”. It is a private nursing home that was born on 15th April, 1981. It is the third oldest nursing home in Tokyo, about to reach 38 years old.
When we were in our 10th year, we started inviting students from Montreal University in Canada that were studying Japanese. Hearing that there were not many students choosing to study Japanese, we started a free of charge program for students to experience home stay in Tokyo and to visit other places within Japan during their summer holidays. Students choosing to study Japanese have increased since then. We had 66 students visit Japan with this program over the following 18 years. Everyone loved Japan after their trip.
Getting to know each other better is the first step to peace. We support this Birthday Donation program as we think it will help a number of non Japanese people to like Japan from the bottom of their heart.
Sanwa Co., Ltd. “Silver Villa Koyama”


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

This is the 70th time I celebrate the month of May. My predecessors that led the way for me with love have all passed away and a number of incidents, good or bad, that I have seen, heard and experienced has shaped who I am today. My happiness from now on is to see the happiness of younger generations.
24th May. Rei Maeda

You are not alone. Although you may not be able to see them, there are people that see and care about you. Let's try to believe in the future. I am trully grateful that there is this platform that allows me to offer my support like this.
28th May. Kimiko Sato

I turn 60 on 8th May,2022. It is the age of Kanreki which makes me feel different from other birthdays. I lost my eldest son 8 days after he was born. For me, to be living till the age of 60 is not taken for granted and is a miracle. I am participating in this Birthday Donation to share such joy.
5th May. Jota Ugai

I support all foreigners that have come all the way to Japan and all the people that are supporting them!
22nd May. Anonymous

“I am a supporter!”
Please do not be defeated by this Corona virus and imagine a bright future. We will get over this eventually. 😊
10th May. Anonymous

This is my 68th May, my favorite season of the year. However, this year, things have changed significantly with the Corona virus and people are asked to “Stay Home” during this Golden Week. I believe after the unprecedented state of emergency statement, the world as well as the way we think will start to change.
Notwithstanding all this, the wonderful nature that comes with the season does not change as in the saying “The vision of green leaves, Hototogisu (little cuckoo bird) in the mountains and first bonito of the season”. This, together with the precious human nature you see in your daily lives are the things I wish the children can continue to pass on to the future.
I would like to make Birthday Donation every year with such hope in my heart.
4th May. Rei Maeda

May all children that are brought up in this country by special fate be able to feel free and happy at all times. I also hope each and every child can learn to speak Japanese well which can support their heart.
7th May. wenyuju

I am on your side! Way to go!!
8th May. Anonymous

Abuse should never be tolerated. There are people that stand on your side wishing you well. Please do not give up hope!
8th May. Anonymous


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

I turned 84 this year. I am making this small donation as I wanted to share this happiness with others.
24th Jun. Teruko Ugai

Number of precious lives are being lost including those of small children now.Following my birthday, I have been thinking about the importance of life and its significance every day. Wishing that peaceful days will return to the world as soon as possible.
12th Jun. Keiko Kaneko

I will soon reach the age of my mother that passed away. I found this Birthday Donation by chance. There are sad things or tough things in life. However, I believe there are also things you can do only because you are living.
22nd Jun. Anonymous

Following my message on Facebook, I received donations from 12 people on my birthday. I am adding that to my own donation and feelings with the hope that “the world becomes a kinder place for all people”.
I hope that all of your activities become sustainable “without leaving anyone behind” and become a “path” to create “a society that encompasses weakness without fear”.
30th Jun. Yasuharu Yokoyama

I lost my parents when I was young but have been able to live up to now because of many people that supported me. Although small, I wish to donate to send my message of support to those in need.
8th Jun. Anonymous

I am starting to find happiness in knowing that I can be of some help to the society on the day I become a year older.
1st Jun. Anonymous

I hope that the culture to donate and the spirit to support each other will grow further in Japan and that this “Birthday Donation” becomes the cause for such growth.
I am grateful for my birth and all the support I have received for my current life and am making this small donation for the future.
3rd Jun. Anonymous

I think this Birthday Donation is a wonderful idea. It is common in other countries but I hope such initiative becomes more common in Japan as well. Wishing that supporters of the supporters also take good care of themselves…
2nd Jun. Ryoko Sado

Please keep on following your dream! You can make it happen by continuing to believe in your dream. Even if you could not, someone will take over and make it happen!
3rd Jun. Anonymous

Every single year since I grew up, it had been my mother that would call me first thing in the morning to say “Happy Birthday”. This was the heartwarming moment for me. What can make you happier than a word of celebration from someone that knows most about the day you were born into this world? On my first birthday after my mother had passed away, naturally, the phone did no ring. Ever since then, my birthday was no longer special nor was something that made me happy. “Birthday Donation” – what a wonderful idea! From now on, my birthday will become something meaningful. I am quite excited about this.
Keiko Kaneko


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

I myself am a sibling.
I wish to make this small donation on my birthday which is the day I became a sibling.
25th Jul. Natsumi Saruhashi

Please continue with your effort to establish the first public Junior High Night School in Okayama. I am a supporter!!
25th Jul. Anonymous

Wishing that you can feel “happy” everyday regardless of where you are!
21st Jul. Anonymous

Your growth is the future seed for Japan. I am a supporter!
16th Jul. Anonymous

Let us create an environment in which children living in Japan, regardless of their nationality or roots, can have hope for their future!
16th Jul. Anonymous

Please pull together all the small voices and turn them into a loud voice! Please continue with your work! I am a supporter!
2nd Jul. Anonymous

A day when your family and friends come to you to convey their words of celebration – birthdays make me happy regardless of my age. I am already a mother of a child over 20 and my mother still celebrates my birthday, telling me “Happy Birthday”. So in return, I say “Owing everything to you – thank you.” At least for the past couple of years... To thank everyone, not limited to your family on this one special day in the form of donation - I actually think it is a nice idea.
21st Jul. Anonymous

I wonder when was the last time I was happy about my birthday.. So on a day you normally receive presents, you give a present to someone else (= donation)? At the age of 56, I have decided to participate in this curious initiative. After all these years, birthdays may make me feel happy again.


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

I wish to make this donation on my birthday, hoping it will be of some help for the children that are finding that their lives are tough.
31st Aug. Tomoko Nakajima

As I wish to support any of the three organizations, I have left my donation to your discretion so that you can use it for any of the categories that did not reach its target. I decided to participate in this birthday donation again this year as I am grateful for the fact that I can celebrate my birthday in good health.
4th Aug. Katsuhiro Masuda

I hope that fewer girls get abused amidst the dark society. I truly hope that they do not think they have nothing to lose and that they receive the hand of help they need.
23rd Aug. Anonymous

I lost my father when I was small and lived with uncertainty as my mother was mentally unstable. I wish to support your activities with the hope that children like me can be saved.
13th Aug. Anonymous

I now know that the children are living in a dangerous world.
Although small, I wish to make this donation.
11st Aug. Anonymous

I wish to make this small donation, thanking for all the celebratory messages I receive from many people..
1st Aug. Ayano Kimura

I am a supporter!
Please continue to carry on with your dream every day.
16th Aug. Anonymous

I am a supporter!
“To learn is to live”.
Please pass on the joy of learning again to all those seeking for such opportunities.
10th Aug. Anonymous

I am happy to be living now. I am happy that I have a family to celebrate my birthday with. I am happy that I have friends to laugh with, saying things like “what is ‘happy’ about our birthdays at our age?” Thank you for all the happiness. Wishing that everyone in the world can live happily…
7th Aug. Anonymous

These days the first birthday messages I receive in the morning are from Mr. Facebook and Mr. Google. What a meddler.. I have mixed feelings. Yet thanks to them?, I can live in the country side and still connect with my friends in Tokyo or my family overseas almost every day. I found out about this Birthday Donation from one of such friends. This too may be an act of a meddler but even so it is nice.
Using this help of a meddler, may be I shall connect with someone I do not know through donation on my birthdays, thanking for another year of peace..
From this year on, 1st August, my birthday will become “A day to be a meddler”. I would like to donate to children that creates the future.
Yukako Fujiwara

I was born on 3rd August, in the middle of the summer and as such, love the summer season. My name “Mari”, is also similar to mare in Italian meaning the “sea”. I am happy that my birthday and my name synchronize with all the things I love. I feel very happy every time I thank for the fact that I was born into this world at this point in time.
Mari Koda


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

It was by chance that I found this Birthday Donation site, searching through the internet. I felt some magical connection as the day I found this site just happened to be my birthday. Moreover, I felt a lot of sympathy with the concept of "making a donation on one's birthday as a way to thank for one's life that was given". It is actually rather difficult to make a donation without some sort of trigger event. I would like to make use of this opportunity to become more proactive in learning about donations and social contribution activities and making actual donations. It will be my pleasure if my small contribution could be put to good use. My heart goes to all of you that comes up with and puts into practice such a brilliant initiative.
1st Sep. Masahiro Mori

I had been wondering what I can do to celebrate the birthday of someone I care for and have chosen this birthday donation. Harvard University has announced its research concluding that people can become happier by having good human relationships. I myself have lived a happy life till today being surrounded by people that are important for me. Wishing from the bottom of my heart that there be as many people as possible that that can live happily by meeting someone that matters to them…
1st Sep. Anonymous

When I registered myself to this Birthday Donation, I did not imagine that I would become ill but I did. Even so, given that I am still living, I would like to participate although in small amount. This donation also carries my desire to be able to continue making this donation for long.

I was waiting for a Hankyu Railway train bound for Takarazuka when the SDG train arrived. Getting on the train, I found a poster for this Birthday Donation saying “Let’s donate as much as the number of years we have lived.” I got so excited and felt as though I met someone that I liked on the train when I was a student.

Regardless of how small it may be, learning will make your life rich.
You may encounter difficulties sometimes but please do not give up.
I am your supporter!
18th Sep. Anonymous

I think their desire to learn is wonderful.
I don’t think it is ever too late to start.
The day you thought of doing it is the best day to start.
It is also great that you have a place to learn.
I am supporting you from the sidelines.
13th Sep. Anonymous

I have now reached 70 years of age and am healthy. Although it is only small, it will be my pleasure if my donation could be put to good use.
11th Sep. Anonymous

I wish that there will be more places where the girls can sleep and live safely. I am a supporter of your initiative.
6th Sep. Anonymous

Ever since the age of 40 or so, I didn’t want other people to know of my age when that seemed possible. I probably did not want to be judged by my age or may have also wanted to leave it a bit of a mystery for people to wonder “how old is she?” As such, I hadn’t thought much about birthdays. However, after the age of 65, I discovered that you start seeing how many years or days may remain in your life. Moreover, in January this year, I went to a hospital not feeling well and was told that there may be a risk I have some critical disease. In the end, it turned out to be nothing serious but this made me realize that every year of my life could be a miracle as opposed to my previous optimism thinking that people nowadays have a 100-year life span. Now I want to make my birthday a day to thank for being able to add another year to my life. As a token for my gratitude, I wish to continue with “Birthday Donation” as long as I live.
Minako Shimada

Since I was a high school student, I did not have any particular feeling about birthdays. It was simply a day I added another year to my age or a day to have a little nice meal with my family. This, however, changed dramatically when I gave birth to my first son which happened to be in September, the same month as my birthday. He was so small and helpless but triggered a flood of emotion within me which I cannot describe. Imagining how my parents must have experienced such emotion, I now think that I should be more appreciative about my birthdays going forward.


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

I would like to make this small contribution, thanking for being born into this world.
20th Oct. Anonymous

I found out about this initiative from a class at the Open University of Japan. It will be my pleasure if my small contribution could be of any help.
19th Oct. Keiko Manome

Today is my birthday. I have become 24. As I felt happy and grateful for the fact that I have people around me that celebrate my 24th birthday, my heart ached to know that there are many children that cannot even celebrate their birthdays despite it being such a sepcial day to look forward to. I was starting to feel that 24 years old was too old to be happy about my birthday and hence believe there must be other children that deserves to be celebrated more than myself. Happy birthday to you whereever you are!
5th Oct. Anonymous

This is a money that had been collected to be used for a seminar for highschool students (highschool student summer seminar). Please use it during the prescious time before entering highschool.
9th Oct. Anonymous

This year the COVID virus has made me rethink about “life”. It made me wonder whether I had not been taking it for granted that I was living. Therefore, on my 52th birthday today, I wish to make this donation thanking my mother who gave birth to me and my father who met my mother.
20th Oct. Anonymous

I came across an article about Birthday Donation by chance on the day before my birthday. I thought that was some sort of fate and am thereby making this donation. It will be my pleasure if I could be of any small help for the children.
20th Oct. Anonymous

I wish to support the siblings of children suffering from illness or handicap. Finding out about the activity of Shibutane, I wanted to do what I can do now. As another sibling, I hope this activity grows further!
17th Oct. Tamako Watanabe

Thanking for the fact I am here today and wishing there be happiness for the young people..
2nd Oct. Yoko Takahashi

I wish that the society becomes a place that is comfortable for everyone supported by each and every one making their own contributions. Thank you for my 51st birthday.
20th Oct. Anonymous

Whatever it may be, learning something broadens your possibilities which would eventually lead to the happiness of someone else.
I am your supporter!
2nd Oct. Anonymous

Please grow up to become a wonderful woman. I am supporting you!
1st Oct. Anonymous

20th October is my birthday which happens to be the same with Empress Michiko. Every year, I enjoyed seeing her birthday interviews being broadcasted through the TV and newspapers. There are friends and senior colleagues that mail me or contact me being reminded by such coverage. I was a bit proud of my birthday. As such, I was feeling a bit lonely that last year was going to be the last of Empress Michiko’s birthday interviews. It was then that I found out about this Birthday Donation which made me happy. I would like to participate in this Birthday Donation, remembering Empress Michiko’s heartwarming words, always remaining close to the people. I now have something else to be proud of.
Yoko Araki

My name is Yoko. My parents named me wishing the child to become “cheerful and happy like the sun (= Taiyo in Japanese)”. When I heard about “Birthday Donation”, it suddenly occurred to me. I had always thought that my name came from my parents’ wish for me to live happily under the sun. However, I realized that the sun also had a role to shed light on other people. With the end of the summer, the sun light becomes tender in October. Having been born in such a month, I would like to deliver the warmth of the sun, however small it may be, on my birthdays to children so that they can live their lives with hope. May be that will also make my parents in heaven happy….
Yoko Takahashi


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

I was impressed with the Wakakusa Project. What a great tool to be able to donate on your birthday!
6th Nov. Saori Furuya

Wishing that there be a gift for those that are in need, however small it may be!
11th Nov. Anonymous

I am happy that I am able to support someone on my birthday. With a feeling of gratitude for everyone that are directly involved in supporting the people in need..
28th Nov. Anonymous

As a counsellor, I come across people that are suffering from their background or experience but believe there are many that are not able to come to receive such support. I am hoping this donation will be of small help to these people.
9th Nov. Atsuko Ochiai

To the people of Wakakusa Project and other organizations
Please provide a warm place, security and hope to the women and children that are unable to get out of their situation and are suffering every day.
8th Nov. Anonymous

Yes, it is tough now. It is tough to live. It is sad. Try to rely on someone just a bit. Try to talk to someone just a bit. Don’t be afraid, it is okay. Everyone is on your side. Let’s create your own future.
30th Nov. Anonymous

I am a fourth grade student. I am not so good at studying but am able to go to school. I found out that there are people of my age that are not able to learn. I wish to support this initiative so that many people have the opportunity to study as I do.
11th Nov. Anonymous

I wish that the girls and women are able to find a place for them to live safely.
I would like to make this small donation.
Making such donation also gives me happiness.
7th Nov. Anonymous

Birthday donation reminds me of my Italian friend. She used to be my colleague at work. On her birthday, she bought variety of pastries from the bakery downstairs and gave them to us in the team. I thanked her and asked her the reason to which she replied with a mischievous smile, “Because it’s my birthday”. She told us that it was common in Italy to share your happiness with others on your birthday. There was no need for a big reason. I thought it was a very nice custom, simple but warm. I would like to make my birthday a day to look back on myself to see whether I managed to become anything like her, gentle and warm. Every year on my birthday, as I add another year to my age, I would like to thank for the past year and make it a day to share kindness with other people.
Atsuko Ochiai


誕生日登録数 3人

寄付総額 ¥10,000

寄付者数 1人

Here are some of the messages received
from people that donated through this site…

Although the amount is small, I hope it can be put to good use. Please count on me to increase my donation once I manage to get a salary raise or a bonus.
6th Dec. Satoko Yagishita

I was wondering what I can do to be of help when I found out about this Birthday Donation through an article on the newspaper on my birthday. Although the amount is small, it will be my pleasure if it could be used for a step towards a better future.
27th Dec. Anonymous

On my daughter’s 8th birthday, I found out about this initiative through a newspaper article. I decided to make donations on the birthdays of my family based on their respective ages. Although the amount is small, it will be my pleasure if they can be of some help. (Father : Yusuke Yano)
“I enjoy going to school. I hope I can see everyone at school.”
27th Dec. Miyuu Yano (8 years old)

I turned 50 this year. I am grateful that I have received the support of my parents as well as many other people. Although the amount is small, I am making this donation with the hope that it can be of some help in bringing a bright future with hope to the children. I wish that there be as many children as possible that can spend every day smiling.
16th Dec. Anonymous

I think it is wonderful that you can make your birthday become something useful for others through donation. I have always grieved for the children that are deprived of love. I will be happy if I can be of any small help.
1st Dec. Anonymous

On my birthday, I found out about this Birthday Donation from a newspaper article. Wishing it will be of help for the children. Wishing that it leads to the happiness and hope for the children..
27th Dec. Anonymous

Although it may only be a small help, I wanted to do what I can do to help. Let’s proceed together.
14th Dec. Anonymous

I found out about the situation of girls facing difficulties through the TV. My heart ached and I could not stop crying. I am grateful that I had fortunately not encountered such difficulties and am living happily and wish to be of any help to those that are suffering. I intend to tell my friends and spread the word about this initiative.
10th Dec. Mari Shibata

I do not think we have in place a good environment for children with foreign origin to study yet. I wish that support for Japanese language teaching and general learning reaches more children with foreign origin. I am a supporter!
25th Dec. Shuko Ebihara

Wishing that women lost in the city can secure a safe place to live..
16th Dec. Anoymous

I wish that children with so much potential can find their own strong areas through learning so that they can live their lives making the most out of themselves in the future. I also hope that the society becomes a warmer one in the future. I am a supporter!
12th Dec. Anonymous

Donation on birthdays? I was surprised when I first heard of this “Birthday Donation”. I used to think that birthday was a day to be celebrated by other people and to receive gifts. However, since then, I started to also think that “Given that I have reached my age with the support of others, it may also make sense to donate on birthdays.” I hope that the practice of “Birthday Donation” spreads to many people. We may be able to witness a better world as a result.

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Tadao Ando


Born 13th September, 1941

There is no future without children that learn to think on their own


Where you can donate to

You will be asked to choose a category you wish to donate to rather than a specific organization. The spread of the Corona virus has affected the weakest. In particular, children that had already been put under tough circumstances are facing an even more challenging situation.

We have decided to continue this year with our theme to "Support the children that are facing difficulties" based on the concept to "Invest for the future by supporting the children now". Three categories were selected to support organizations that help and deliver glimmer of hope to those children in need.

This year, we added a category to "Support the supporters" in order to not only focus on the children that are facing difficulties but also on the families and siblings of such children.

Support the living

Under this category, we have selected organizations that protect and support children that have lost their homes as a result of problems such as abuse or breakdown of the family. They save the lives of children that do not have any place to go and help them find a way to become self-sufficient within the society in order to live safely.

Target amount ¥3,000,000

See details Make a donation

Support the raising

Under this category, we have selected organizations that support children that were not able to attend school for a long time due to poverty, bullying or illness or children with foreign origin that face various difficulties as a result of not receiving sufficient Japanese language training. The organizations support the learning and development of all children by creating opportunities to learn as well as somewhere for them to belong to.

Target amount ¥3,000,000

See details Make a donation

Support the supporters

Under this category, the focus is to support the families that are themselves supporters, living close by to families that have difficulties and have no choice but to live under worries and uncertainty such as children whose parents have mental disabilities, disorder or developmental disabilities or siblings of children that are living with life threatening illness.

Target amount ¥3,000,000

See details Make a donation
Local community × Corporations Birthday Donation

Want to support children in the community in order to create a town where people want to continue living.
This is a new Birthday Donation initiative in collaboration with corporations and local apartment complex.

Together with Kataller Toyama

Birthday Donation × Kataller Toyama
We are collecting donations for welfare organizations that support handicapped children in Toyama Prefecture that are struggling to live. This is also the first initiative led by a J League Soccer Club.

Supporters of Birthday Donation

Jakucho Setouchi

Writer / Buddhist nun in the Tendai school of Buddhism

Saburo Kawabuchi

Japan Football Association

Takashi Maeno

Graduate School of System Design and Management,
Keio University

Seiichiro Yonekura

The Research Institute of Innovation Management,
Hosei University Graduate School

Tokiko Kato

Singer, composer and lyricist

Ken Shibusawa

Commons Asset Management, Inc.

Katsuhiko Hibino

Dean of Faculty of Arts,
Tokyo University of the Arts

Takashi Takekawa

Founder and Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee,
Tohoku Food Marathon and Festival

Kazuhisa Okamoto

I-O Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Koichi Ito

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Chiba University of Commerce

Hiroshi Komiyama

Chairman of the Institute,
Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Yoshihiko Koga

Emeritus Professor,
Kyorin University

Kumiko Bando

Chief Director,
Japan Legal Support Center

Yukari Kagami

Dormeuil Japon

Sadao Tsuchiya

Sadao Co., Ltd.

Atsuo Morita

Pasco Shikishima Corporation

Tokuji Munetsugu

Founder and Special Advisor,
Ichibanya Co., Ltd.

Rieko Zamma


Youichi Nakamura

Graduate School of Social Design Studies
Rikkyo University

Atsuto Sawakami

Sawakami Holdings, Inc.

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